Top 4 tips to ensure healthy tree pruning or trimming

Are you proud of the versatile range of trees decking up your yard? That’s great. However, your task does not end with sowing the seeds and watching the  trees grow in glory. You have to maintain the trees with timely and proper trimming & pruning. It’s like the much needed haircut after days of long hair to keep your mane in shape. Added to aesthetics, timely tree pruning also keeps the trees in sound health.

The post below shares  some basic  facts to remember when it comes to tree pruning.

Be proper with time

You can’t prune or trim out the branches at just any time of the year. According to experts, the best time to prune or trim a tree is during the dormant season. Otherwise, another conducive time to prune your tree is winter months.

Do not trim, prune or cut trees in extreme hot & cold weather.

However, if there is some kind of hazard like diseased, dead or damaged branches- the affected part must be cut down immediately. If you linger the process, the damaged part will start affecting the entire body of the tree. And, fast you will have no choice but to cut down the tree altogether.

Be mindful about branch size & shape

If you notice a damaged branch, you have to trim or cut it down immediately. But be mindful of the branch size while doing so. In case, the branch’s diameter is lesser than 5 cm, you can remove it easily. But if it’s something in between  5-10 cm, you should only remove it if it’s a dire necessity.

V-shaped branches with narrow angles are generally weak. You can trim them out to avoid accidents from sudden falls of these branches. On the other hand, branches with U-shaped angles are comparatively stronger and you can retain them if they are not damaged.

Be careful about the age & position of branches

Experts advise to prune branches when they’re young. At young age, the branches are easily manageable and hence can be trimmed easily. Moreover, when you trim a branch young, it eliminates woes of unsightly scars on the plant body.

Besides, be careful of the position of a branch while trimming, pruning or cutting. It’s safer not to trim or prune a branch which is too long or too close.

Consult professionals

Tree pruning, trimming or cutting is a perplex affair and hence is best left to professional tree cutting services Singapore. The leading tree cutting companies are backed by Certified practicing Horticulturists who know the specialized techniques for a proper and safe trimming/pruning/cutting/.  Just make sure to settle with a seasoned and reputed company.

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