Tips to Remember when Starting a Business

Taking a learned trade such as carpentry and turning into a business which allows you to provide for you and your family is no easy task. While, just like many other businesses based on trades, it can be done, there are some important tips to keep in mind when starting such a business.

If you are looking to turn your trade such as carpentry, electrical, or building and turn it into a business, below are three important tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Choose a Fancy Name!

Do you know what Apollo Woodworking Professionals sells? Neither does anybody else who sees their name on an internet search page or in physical. As you can imagine, this can cause some serious problems when it comes to landing new clients and customers.

However, James Apollo’s Carpentry Services immediately tells potential customers what you do. It tells people searching online for a carpenter that you can provide the service they are looking for. Without the need to go any further.

Don’t Fool Yourself – Get Online

It doesn’t matter if you’re one person with a lawnmower doing the rounds in your local neighborhood or you are a group of friends starting something small, you need an online presence.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your money on a fancy and interactive website. But, what it does mean is that you need to at least have a basic site from the Groupon Coupons page for GoDaddy, which provides information about your services, such as the type and the cost.

While you may not expect it, a large number of people perform their errands from their computer in the middle of the night and the early hours of the morning. If looking for a new gardener is one of those chores and you don’t have a website, then you won’t get noticed.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Too many business owners choose to set up shop in a place which they expect to see a lot of business. The challenge with this approach is that these places are often also likely to come with higher overhead costs, such as rent, security, and setting up space. The perceived benefits of having access to more clients can be quickly outweighed by your operating costs.

Instead, look for a location which will provide your business needs. For example, if the majority of your work is performed in a warehouse or a working area, look for one which is closer to your home and consider delivering your items slightly further. The costs savings could be substantial.

It likely took you a lot of time and hard work to save up the money to start your business, so it’s important that you put the money that you have to the right places. Along with these tips, speak with any of your friends or family who has undertaken the task before and get their valuable advice.


Before you spend your start-up capital in the wrong places, consider these points and do your research. Remember that there is no rush in starting a firm, so take it slow and do it right.

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