Square Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must in most living rooms; you need a place to put drinks down and if you have a carpeted room the floor is not stable enough, even if it is not carpeted the chance of a drink placed on the floor being knocked over is pretty high. A coffee table doesn’t have to be merely a place to put a drink, you can get  ones that have drawers and shelves incorporated which increases the storage space in your living room and that is never a bad thing.

A coffee table that matches the rest of your living room furniture will create a good look; you can get sets of furniture that include a book case and shelves or television cabinet that will go with your coffee table and whatever style your choose for your living room. If you don’t have a lot of floor space you can choose a design of table that sits against the arms of your sofa rather than in the middle of the room, and a nest of tables may seem old fashioned but there are many styles available that have a modern look far from the classic nest that your granny has.

best ideas square Coffee Table
Coffee tables come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; they are generally fairly low to the ground do that they suit people sitting down. A square coffee table goes really well in the middle of an arrangement of chairs and sofas and creates a focal point for people to gather around. The corners on a square table can get in the way, and so if you have limited space then consider a round table that you have less chance of banging your shins on as you move around. If you have small children then put bumpers on the corners of your square or rectangular coffee table as the height is perfect for low down heads to hit.

A square coffee table suits the straight lines and corners of the usual living room sofa and chair arrangement, and by choosing one with shelves underneath you can add to the potential storage space. Avoid the temptation to clutter up the table with ornaments, paperwork and other bits and pieces; a few drinks coasters and possibly a neat stack of magazines is quite enough for most coffee tables and will stop your living room from looking untidy.

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