Painting SupaWood

Painting SupaWood

If what you are looking for in your home is an engineered wood finish, look no further than medium density fibreboard. However, if you are looking for a more attractive look then painting it is the perfect finishing option, unless your project will be upholstered or hidden from sight.

SupaWood is one of the best – if not the best – materials to machine. It cuts neatly and is consistent in texture, composition and thickness. Painting it is also a breeze as minimal surface preparation is needed.

Surface preparation

Even though the material is supplied sanded down with 150 grit paper it is advisable to sand it again before painting. This is just to remove any fibres and other particles that might be stuck to the SupaWood surface. Then wipe everything clean with a lint free cloth.

Medium density fibreboard is susceptible to moisture penetration and it is therefore recommended that you first apply a coat of solvent-based primer. The edges are particularly vulnerable and can be covered with a thin layer of wood filler first. Wait for it to dry and then sand the filler smooth with steel wool before applying the primer. Don’t forget to wipe the surface clean before you paint!


Once the primer is dry any paint will suffice. Anything from rough textures such as chalk paint to satin finishes is fine.

For the smoothest finish rather spray paint. This is not always possible for DIY applications though,but foam rollers will also leave a silky smooth finish.

Distressing techniques with a paintbrush also bring out beautiful colours and textures, which is a popular choice on SupaWood.

Whatever you decide to use, just remember to use quality rollers and brushes for the best finish on your project.

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