Carpet vs wood laminate flooring

Carpet vs wood laminate flooring

Laminate wood flooring needs to be installed on a regular base or an underlay to ensure it has a long lifetime. Carpets on the other hand can outlive their sell by date and you will struggle to find a replacement as cost effective or as easy as wood laminate flooring. Having laminate wood flooring installed professionally is usually included in the price. Carpet, on the other hand, needs to be professionally installed and often at a hefty additional cost.

How long do they last?

Laminate wood flooring can last for up to an impressive twenty-five years because it does not have the same challenges as carpet or even hardwood. Sustained quality carpets only last for about three years and top quality carpets can only be pushed to just over ten years.

If you have pets carpets are ill advised because they tend to hold onto allergen-causing dander and pollen. Laminate wood flooring is easier to clean up if your animals have any accidents too.

Which is easier to maintain?

Wood laminate flooring is easier to maintain in that it doesn’t retain moisture and can be easily cleaned with minimal effort and a microfiber mop. Carpets require special shampoo and machines to get them truly clean and even weekly vacuuming won’t remove all dust mites, dander, pollen and dust present within its fibres.

Which installation process is simpler?

Carpet has to be professionally installed and can quickly become a rather pricey affair. It is a lengthy process with multiple steps that include cutting, stapling, stretching and more steps all of which require special tools.

Laminate wood flooring can be the solution for practically any surface, except carpet. Professional services can assist you in putting down an underlay to prepare the ground for its new layer of wood laminate flooring. You can do it yourself but if you have it professionally installed you are guaranteed that it will come much closer to its twenty-five mark than if it is not installed properly.

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