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If you go online shopping you’ll see a dizzying array of bedroom lighting products, each claiming to be the best one for you, but don’t let those splashy ads decide what type of lighting is ideal, as only you can decide that. The type and the number of lights to use in the bedroom will depend on a number of factors, including the ones listed below.

Types of Lighting You’ll Need

General lighting is not as necessary in the bedroom as in other rooms of your house, but there should still be one. This can be provided by recessed lighting, flash-mount ceiling lights or chandeliers. Whichever you choose it must be bright and clean, able to illuminate cushions as well as various sections of the room.

Two other lights are needed in the bedroom, task lighting and accent lighting.

Task lighting refers to lights that you will use for applying makeup, reading and other activities. Different options are available including the swing-arm sconce, which can be set at the head of your bed, perfect when you’re reading or need to adjust the bed linen. You can also get a table lamp and set it by your bed, or perhaps a wall mounted track light. Track lights can be extremely versatile especially when it comes with a dimmer.

Accent or mood lighting is used to highlight items in your bedroom. For this to work though, the fixture has to be strategically placed so the object (i.e., plants, flowers, antiques) becomes more conspicuous.

How to Choose Bedroom Lighting

The examples given earlier is a general guide as your choice will ultimately depend on what activities you do in your bedroom. If you like watching TV with the kids then ambient lighting overhead might be more to your liking.  But if you’d rather lie back on the cushions and meditate, indirect cove lighting is more appropriate. In addition, you need to consider the mood you’re trying to set up, whether it is bright, romantic dramatic etc.

Notes on Coloured Lighting

These lights are used to add a dramatic effect and create atmosphere, and you can set it up in different ways. You may for example install soft pink bulbs in the sitting area, illuminating not just that spot but other areas of your room. Aside from light bulbs, lava lamps, lamp shades and glass globes can be used to cast a subtle glow, highlighting your bed linen, desk and other objects in your room. By applying the right colours you’ll end up with a relaxing atmosphere. However, you need to be careful and not overdo it as too many colours can be disorienting.

Lighting in your bedroom can be used for a lot of things besides providing general illumination. Properly set up it can set the stage for meditation, watching TV with your loved ones or read your favourite novels. It’s always a good idea to spend some time thinking of your bedroom lighting as it can literally brighten or darken your day.

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