Bespoke bookcases are an elegant and yet simple solution to a growing problem with hard-to-please customers. Some potential customers have expressed some dissatisfaction with currently available bookcases, despite the fact that the Internet is teeming with apparently millions of different types of bookcases. Perhaps they just don’t want to look long and hard for the best options. But whatever the reason may be for their dissatisfaction with specific types of bookcases, a bespoke bookcase brushes aside all these kinds of objections.

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Those who are familiar with fashion may have heard of bespoke tailoring, and that venerable tradition has now crossed over to the field of furniture-making. Bespoke isn’t just about customising and making to customer’s specifications; there is an inherent promise of quality attached to the making of bespoke bookcases.

Points to Consider

When trying to get a bookcase done according to your precise specifications, there are some points that must be addressed. You need to make some decisions, and these will involve the following:

  • The style. A bookcase is an important decorative element in any room, and the style of the bookcase should match the rest of the room so it doesn’t stick out unfavourably.
  • The materials. Just because you’ve settled on wood doesn’t mean that you don’t need to specify what kind of wood to be used. Pay attention to the wood’s colour when making your decision. Some kinds of wood are light in colour, like the maple. Oak is in medium category, while the darker shades include mahogany. You will also need to consider the strength of the wood to withstand the weight of the books.
  • The size. This will depend on the number of the books you have, and the dimensions of the books as well. Bespoke bookcases allow you to determine the dimensions of the shelves as well.

The Outside Look of the Bookcase

Since you’ve already thought a great deal about the insides of the bookcases, it may not be a terrible idea to put some thought about the outside of the bookcase as well. Some people like to keep it open, although this could be a problem with dust and with overly curious preteen children who may want to read your copy of 50 Shades of Grey. You can choose to cover the bookcase with glass (preferably with a lock) or even enclose it entirely if you don’t want to advertise the kind of books you like to read.

Bespoke Bed Frames

The made-to-order mentality isn’t confined to just bookcases, just in case you’re interested. If you find the dimensions of most wooden bed frames not quite in accordance to your preferences (they’re too high or too low, for example, or if the standard size designations are simply not just right), then you can also have your bed frame made to order. Again, you can also choose the materials, size, and style for your wooden bed frames. You may also want to consider discreetly attached storage units for extra bed linen or for more adult accessories for yourself and for your bedroom partner.

With bespoke, you can no longer complain that there are no perfect bookcases and bed frames out there for your specific needs. You can have your bespoke bookcases made exactly how you want them, and the only limitation is your imagination.

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