How to Hire a Plumber for Homeowners

When it comes a time to pick the right plumber for your plumbing service, it is never like rocket science. To ensure you choose the right plumber, there are few considerations you have made – and price inclusive.

Getting your plumbing issues fix appropriately is a priority but at an affordable cost is equally imperative. You have an understanding of the plumber’s prices and exactly what you need to fix. This enables you to evaluate your options.

During your decision process, consider these 9 points to help you make a better decision:

LOCATION – you need to make sure any plumbers to work on your house plumbing stay nearby. If you hire a plumber living outside where you stay, you get to charge more because of travel fee include. Aside from that, plumbers hired far from your area might not be conversant with your local council rules.

TYPE OF WORK – when it comes to a plumbing system, they all differ. This difference makes lead to plumbers specializing in a particular plumbing system. Therefore, you need to understand your plumbing problem and hire right. For instance, if your hot water system or solar setup appears faulty, you need contact your brand manufacture to get you a plumber who is very familiar with this type of brand. Another benefit is you get to keep your warrant unbroken.

PLUMBING LICENSES – Several house owners overlook this a lot of time, but it is important that you get a licensed plumber. Some countries all jobs – except changing a washer or showerhead – relating to plumbing are all regulated. So, whatever you looking to fix in your home, whoever you planning to hire – plumber or gasfitters – must be with a license issued by the government. You can simply ask any technician of his/her license card – and am sure they will be glad to show it to you.

However if you have no clue on how to check the validity of a plumber’s license card, visit

PLUMBING COSTS – when it comes to plumbing, charges may differ from one plumber to another.  There isn’t one way to estimate the total charges, so take advantage of that. You should negotiate with the plumbers before hiring them. Talking to about two or three plumbers will help make the right choice and also putting the cost into consideration. Note, always discuss the fixed price before a plumber comes over, in order not be charged even when he doesn’t fix anything.

Plumbing cost isn’t fixed and depend on several factors which we are discussed below:

  • Time Of Day / Emergency Work: if in the middle of the night you had to call a plumber to fix a spewing hot water, then you use to be aware you will get extra charges – emergency charges. Plumbers are known to charge more after ideal work time. So, if you are requesting for a fix after or before work time – hold some bucks!
  • Call Out Fee – you get to pay a bill call Call-out fee if you request a plumber to come over, have a quick and at the end the plumber didn’t fix any plumbing issue – you get charged. This is charge is like a payment you came because he/she came to have a quick diagnose. So, the best way to avoid this; always negotiated with your plumbers before they come over.
  • Hourly Rate –Most plumbers get paid by the numbers of hours they spend fixing your plumbing issues. Hence, don’t make the plumber wait around, let him get started and finish soon. This will prevent unnecessary work time and charges. Also, getting a plumber in Toronto will certainly reduce unnecessary work hours.
  • Nature Of Work – whenever your plumbing problems require a professional plumber to fix it. Then you should be aware, you will probably need to pay for professional services.

Cost Of Materials – some plumbing problems requires materials like fixtures, pipes, fittings and so on, which will be paid by you. So it is a better ideal to get a quote from about two to three plumbers for settling for on. Also, a cheap quote doesn’t mean it’s the best – choose wisely.

Top 4 tips to ensure healthy tree pruning or trimming

Are you proud of the versatile range of trees decking up your yard? That’s great. However, your task does not end with sowing the seeds and watching the  trees grow in glory. You have to maintain the trees with timely and proper trimming & pruning. It’s like the much needed haircut after days of long hair to keep your mane in shape. Added to aesthetics, timely tree pruning also keeps the trees in sound health.

The post below shares  some basic  facts to remember when it comes to tree pruning.

Be proper with time

You can’t prune or trim out the branches at just any time of the year. According to experts, the best time to prune or trim a tree is during the dormant season. Otherwise, another conducive time to prune your tree is winter months.

Do not trim, prune or cut trees in extreme hot & cold weather.

However, if there is some kind of hazard like diseased, dead or damaged branches- the affected part must be cut down immediately. If you linger the process, the damaged part will start affecting the entire body of the tree. And, fast you will have no choice but to cut down the tree altogether.

Be mindful about branch size & shape

If you notice a damaged branch, you have to trim or cut it down immediately. But be mindful of the branch size while doing so. In case, the branch’s diameter is lesser than 5 cm, you can remove it easily. But if it’s something in between  5-10 cm, you should only remove it if it’s a dire necessity.

V-shaped branches with narrow angles are generally weak. You can trim them out to avoid accidents from sudden falls of these branches. On the other hand, branches with U-shaped angles are comparatively stronger and you can retain them if they are not damaged.

Be careful about the age & position of branches

Experts advise to prune branches when they’re young. At young age, the branches are easily manageable and hence can be trimmed easily. Moreover, when you trim a branch young, it eliminates woes of unsightly scars on the plant body.

Besides, be careful of the position of a branch while trimming, pruning or cutting. It’s safer not to trim or prune a branch which is too long or too close.

Consult professionals

Tree pruning, trimming or cutting is a perplex affair and hence is best left to professional tree cutting services Singapore. The leading tree cutting companies are backed by Certified practicing Horticulturists who know the specialized techniques for a proper and safe trimming/pruning/cutting/.  Just make sure to settle with a seasoned and reputed company.

Did You Know Your Laminate Flooring Can Improve Your Décor?

Laminate Flooring

Your wood laminate flooring is a home décor asset, not just something that you walk around on. Think about: how much of your décor and furniture do you end up buying according to what will fit with your flooring? It’s probably had a greater effect than you thought, so here are some ideas for how you can make your wood laminate flooring a part of your décor planning.

The farmhouse kitchen

Do you have fond memories of a warm farmhouse kitchen and home cooked food? Maybe you’ve seen such a kitchen on TV and thought you’d like to try that in your own home. With wood laminate flooring you can make it happen.

Just ask your laminate flooring installers to lay down some laminate that is coloured to look like whitewood or a light maple. From there you can renovate your kitchen with white walls, cupboards and furniture, all in an antique style. Slap down some countertops that also look like a lighter type of wood and you have your perfect farmhouse kitchen, from the floor up!

For the minimalists

For those who appreciate minimalist style, you’ll know that it is all about opening up the spaces of your home. Wood laminate flooring doesn’t give you more space, as such, but it can help you create an impression of free, clean and open spaces.

With the range of colours available in laminate flooring you can opt for something like a white or off-white stone colour, or even white marble. This clean, stony appearance will lighten up your space to create a clean and open atmosphere. Throw in some edgy white furniture and maybe a sculpture and you will have your ideally minimalistic space.

Rustic brickwork fanciness

Anybody who enjoyed watching movies in the 90s will remember a lot of the rich character’s homes being quite rustic, with a lot of fancy brickwork and open plan spaces. If you have a lot of brickwork showing in your lounge or dining area, even if it is smaller, you can replicate this look with the right wood laminate flooring colour.

The one common feature in those rich, rustic mansions – besides the brickwork – was the flooring. If you get your laminate flooring installers to put in specially printed flooring that makes up arrow-like patterns in your floors in alternating light and dark colours, you’ll have the perfect partner for your rustic brickwork. Add in some leather furniture, glass vases and beige lampshades and you could call yourself Mister Luther (you don’t have to shave your head though, don’t worry).

Get in touch with professional laminate flooring installers to make sure you get your perfect style to accompany the décor you want.




Shutter Installations from London to Bath, Oxford to Winchester

Please ensure that when you decide to purchase window shutters for your home or business premises that you work with the best south England shutter specialists. Why settle for an average service, reasonable value, DIY shutter installation or a restricted range of styles, colours and finishes? You deserve an outstanding experience, with market leaders Smart Blinds and Shutters, this is guaranteed.

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Smart Blinds and Shutters is a family run business with:

  • Over 20 years of experience.
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  • Window shutters in 5 wood types and in 117 painted and stained colour finishes.
  • Their showrooms are located in Caversham and Thatcham.
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  • They take time to understand exactly what the client wants from their window shutters, functionally and aesthetically.
  • They are happy to answer questions and you’ll never feel like you’re on a conveyor belt as you might at a national chain shutter company.
  • Free measuring and fitting services.
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  • Made to measure window shutters.
  • Tilt or no tilt option window shutters.
  • Made-to-order by the leading global shutter manufacturer.
  • State of the art manufacturing processes.
  • Top quality workmanship.

Space may be at a premium, curtains may billow distractingly into a space, blinds may not be to your taste; shutters offer versatility, security, privacy and finesse to an environment, whatever the colour, finish and design scheme.

Window shutters come in numerous forms and each one from Smart Blinds and Shutters represents a value for money, optimum quality, long lasting solution.

  • Plantation shutters

These are also known as Full Height Shutters. These window shutters cover the entire window but often feature a divider rail so that part of the shutter can be left open, the other section closed, if required. Plantation window shutters provide excellent insulation, reduce noise and light from outside.

  • Café style shutters

Shutter installations for this continental style tend to be in rooms which are not overlooked because they cover just the lower section of a window. The café shutters prove less expensive than full window shutter installations.

  • Tier on tier

There are two sets of panels, one sits above the other. These layers can be operated independently to control light, privacy and noise.

  • Shaped shutters

Made to measure shaped shutter installations of full height window shutters are suitable for any size or shape frame.

  • Tracked

This style of shutter features full height panels on runners. They contract rather like a concertina.

  • Solid panel

These solid window shutters provide exceptional insulation.

Reflect your personal or corporate identity with your window dressings. Don’t settle for anything but the best.

Smart Blinds and Shutters are ready to help you, as renowned south England shutter specialists and installers. From London to Bath, Oxford to Winchester, and all points in between, they offer safe hands for your window shutter installation needs.

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Four Popular Design Styles Explained

Interior decorating involves more than adding scatter cushions and lighting to an interior space. The space that you design or decorate should follow a trend, and all elements of that space should fall within the guidelines of that trend to create a consistent, unified space.

One thing people forget to “match” is their furniture, especially built-in cupboards. However, when building or renovating your own home you have the freedom to choose the colours for your built-in cupboards and permanent furnishings to match your intended décor trends. To make things easier I have listed four popular design trends along with my product suggestions from the PG Bison product range.


The bohemian décor trend captures the beauty of a carefree, adventurous lifestyle. This style is built by collecting what is good from all corners of the world and bringing it back into your home. Bold patterns and vibrant colours, scatter cushions, throws and rugs are indicators of this adored boho-chic trend.

Product suggestion: PG Bison’s MelaWood SupaTexture boasts the perfect bohemian colour, Napoca.


Scandinavian design introduced a minimalist look to architecture and interior design. Scandinavian décor trends feature simple, functional furniture, with light peaceful tones of grey and white. Playful accent pieces can be added, but these usually follow softer tones. Scandinavian home décor creates a harmonious and peaceful environment by avoiding clutter and bold, clashing colours.

Product suggestion: Simple Scandinavian style wants simple lines such as MelaWood Storm Grey.


The Industrial design trend looks back to the industrial era and shows off raw steel, distressed wood and un-plastered brick work. This is a masculine, mature and rustic form of décor and is often used in bars and restaurants. Cleaner lines and elaborate ornaments or furniture pieces can be added to the mix for a bit of excitement.

Product suggestion: Formica LifeSeal worktops are now available in an attractive gloss range. Colour options like Tucana and Aquila are perfectly suited to an industrial or urban look.


Think beach house and you will probably be imagining nautical décor. This trend is formed on colours that remind us of the sea; mainly white, shades of blue, and sand-coloured furnishings. Unfinished wood, sea shells, ropes and deep texture can be found in this sensual design trend.

Product suggestion: One feels the sea and it only makes sense that your nautical décor should use textured, realistic-feeling wood panel products. Calais from the MelaWood SupaTexture range is the ideal fit.