Square Coffee Table

A coffee table is a must in most living rooms; you need a place to put drinks down and if you have a carpeted room the floor is not stable enough, even if it is not carpeted the chance of a drink placed on the floor being knocked over is pretty high. A coffee table doesn’t have to be merely a place to put a drink, you can get  ones that have drawers and shelves incorporated which increases the storage space in your living room and that is never a bad thing.

A coffee table that matches the rest of your living room furniture will create a good look; you can get sets of furniture that include a book case and shelves or television cabinet that will go with your coffee table and whatever style your choose for your living room. If you don’t have a lot of floor space you can choose a design of table that sits against the arms of your sofa rather than in the middle of the room, and a nest of tables may seem old fashioned but there are many styles available that have a modern look far from the classic nest that your granny has.

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Coffee tables come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; they are generally fairly low to the ground do that they suit people sitting down. A square coffee table goes really well in the middle of an arrangement of chairs and sofas and creates a focal point for people to gather around. The corners on a square table can get in the way, and so if you have limited space then consider a round table that you have less chance of banging your shins on as you move around. If you have small children then put bumpers on the corners of your square or rectangular coffee table as the height is perfect for low down heads to hit.

A square coffee table suits the straight lines and corners of the usual living room sofa and chair arrangement, and by choosing one with shelves underneath you can add to the potential storage space. Avoid the temptation to clutter up the table with ornaments, paperwork and other bits and pieces; a few drinks coasters and possibly a neat stack of magazines is quite enough for most coffee tables and will stop your living room from looking untidy.


Bespoke bookcases are an elegant and yet simple solution to a growing problem with hard-to-please customers. Some potential customers have expressed some dissatisfaction with currently available bookcases, despite the fact that the Internet is teeming with apparently millions of different types of bookcases. Perhaps they just don’t want to look long and hard for the best options. But whatever the reason may be for their dissatisfaction with specific types of bookcases, a bespoke bookcase brushes aside all these kinds of objections.

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Those who are familiar with fashion may have heard of bespoke tailoring, and that venerable tradition has now crossed over to the field of furniture-making. Bespoke isn’t just about customising and making to customer’s specifications; there is an inherent promise of quality attached to the making of bespoke bookcases.

Points to Consider

When trying to get a bookcase done according to your precise specifications, there are some points that must be addressed. You need to make some decisions, and these will involve the following:

  • The style. A bookcase is an important decorative element in any room, and the style of the bookcase should match the rest of the room so it doesn’t stick out unfavourably.
  • The materials. Just because you’ve settled on wood doesn’t mean that you don’t need to specify what kind of wood to be used. Pay attention to the wood’s colour when making your decision. Some kinds of wood are light in colour, like the maple. Oak is in medium category, while the darker shades include mahogany. You will also need to consider the strength of the wood to withstand the weight of the books.
  • The size. This will depend on the number of the books you have, and the dimensions of the books as well. Bespoke bookcases allow you to determine the dimensions of the shelves as well.

The Outside Look of the Bookcase

Since you’ve already thought a great deal about the insides of the bookcases, it may not be a terrible idea to put some thought about the outside of the bookcase as well. Some people like to keep it open, although this could be a problem with dust and with overly curious preteen children who may want to read your copy of 50 Shades of Grey. You can choose to cover the bookcase with glass (preferably with a lock) or even enclose it entirely if you don’t want to advertise the kind of books you like to read.

Bespoke Bed Frames

The made-to-order mentality isn’t confined to just bookcases, just in case you’re interested. If you find the dimensions of most wooden bed frames not quite in accordance to your preferences (they’re too high or too low, for example, or if the standard size designations are simply not just right), then you can also have your bed frame made to order. Again, you can also choose the materials, size, and style for your wooden bed frames. You may also want to consider discreetly attached storage units for extra bed linen or for more adult accessories for yourself and for your bedroom partner.

With bespoke, you can no longer complain that there are no perfect bookcases and bed frames out there for your specific needs. You can have your bespoke bookcases made exactly how you want them, and the only limitation is your imagination.


bedroom lighting

If you go online shopping you’ll see a dizzying array of bedroom lighting products, each claiming to be the best one for you, but don’t let those splashy ads decide what type of lighting is ideal, as only you can decide that. The type and the number of lights to use in the bedroom will depend on a number of factors, including the ones listed below.

Types of Lighting You’ll Need

General lighting is not as necessary in the bedroom as in other rooms of your house, but there should still be one. This can be provided by recessed lighting, flash-mount ceiling lights or chandeliers. Whichever you choose it must be bright and clean, able to illuminate cushions as well as various sections of the room.

Two other lights are needed in the bedroom, task lighting and accent lighting.

Task lighting refers to lights that you will use for applying makeup, reading and other activities. Different options are available including the swing-arm sconce, which can be set at the head of your bed, perfect when you’re reading or need to adjust the bed linen. You can also get a table lamp and set it by your bed, or perhaps a wall mounted track light. Track lights can be extremely versatile especially when it comes with a dimmer.

Accent or mood lighting is used to highlight items in your bedroom. For this to work though, the fixture has to be strategically placed so the object (i.e., plants, flowers, antiques) becomes more conspicuous.

How to Choose Bedroom Lighting

The examples given earlier is a general guide as your choice will ultimately depend on what activities you do in your bedroom. If you like watching TV with the kids then ambient lighting overhead might be more to your liking.  But if you’d rather lie back on the cushions and meditate, indirect cove lighting is more appropriate. In addition, you need to consider the mood you’re trying to set up, whether it is bright, romantic dramatic etc.

Notes on Coloured Lighting

These lights are used to add a dramatic effect and create atmosphere, and you can set it up in different ways. You may for example install soft pink bulbs in the sitting area, illuminating not just that spot but other areas of your room. Aside from light bulbs, lava lamps, lamp shades and glass globes can be used to cast a subtle glow, highlighting your bed linen, desk and other objects in your room. By applying the right colours you’ll end up with a relaxing atmosphere. However, you need to be careful and not overdo it as too many colours can be disorienting.

Lighting in your bedroom can be used for a lot of things besides providing general illumination. Properly set up it can set the stage for meditation, watching TV with your loved ones or read your favourite novels. It’s always a good idea to spend some time thinking of your bedroom lighting as it can literally brighten or darken your day.

Using Plants With Modern Patio Furniture

New modern patio furniture is able to enhance the comfort of your outdoor environment. The need for modern patio furniture is rising in leaps and bounds. If you want to achieve a unique and beautiful modern patio, you need the perfect modern outdoor chairs and plants. In addition, a little imagination will add the appropriate touch. In the end, you will be in a position to make your outdoor the best. As much as your budget may be a constraint, you can settle for the best deals from good dealers. This creates and accords you the humble opportunity to purchase your modern chairs at discounted prices.

Using Modern Patio Furniture

The eye is always focused on the appearance of the modern outdoor furniture you want to purchase. The price tag may not make a difference if you have already seen a beautiful modern patio. It is good to focus on quality and good outdoor furniture that is equal to the value of your money. This is the only way you are going to end up wit great satisfaction. For instance, the frames of the furniture should be of high quality. In addition, the seating surfaces should be able to define the comfort of the chairs. This s the best chance to create an inviting mood.

The patio sofa you purchase should be able to withstand any kind of weather. It should also be able to last longer. If you are going for painted surfaces, they should contain at least more than one coat of paint. In addition, you should also ensure that they have the appropriate rust resistant finish. No matter the selection you make, it should be able to meet the expectations you have.

Yet at the core of it, your modern patio stands to benefit a lot if you strike the right balance and uniformity. The other outdoor furnishings should be able to match the modern patio furniture that you are purchasing. The willingness of a buyer to purchase particular modern patio furniture is normally good if the buyer gets the best services and products. If you pay a higher amount, you must get the best, modern outdoor furniture that will be able to transform your patio. Remember that achieving modern patio needs excellent and quality furniture.

Impact of Using Plants with Modern Patio Furniture

Plants are very important. If you want a formal modern patio, it is good to plant some flowers and other kind of plants around. In this way, you will be able to entertain your guests and create a more natural and appealing atmosphere. It is a perfect chance to create an outdoor retreat for the entire family. Planting of numerous plants especially those from the same family or species is important. It helps to create a common theme. It is a good way of making the garden to look amazing. Moreover, you do not have to hire a gardener in order to take care of the plants. You can opt for simple plants that are easy to maintain. With nuggets of advice from people who have attempted the same before, you are going to achieve good results. Plants are a good way of achieving a beautiful patio with modern patio furniture.

The Suitability Of Resin In Making Your Patio Furniture

Caring for your patio furniture does not mean having the best seats. You have to look for appropriate patio furniture to complement your outdoor space. You have to design an inviting place that your friends and family can meet. Meeting does not always have to be in the living room. In fact, the outside environment is the best if you want to discuss sensitive issues. The only way to achieve this is by choosing good patio furniture that is good looking and comfortable. You will make your patio different from the rest.

patio furniture

Benefits of Resin Patio Furniture

Resin is one of the best materials that make good patio furniture. Most of the other materials often produce poorly made outdoor furniture. For comfortable and attractive outdoor chairs and tables, go for those that are made of resin. The furniture can last for many seasons before you think of going for replacements. Good looks, long life and maximum comfort are what you will get from patio furniture made from resin.

Resin is unique because of its ability to absorb heat from the sun. As a result, it is able to resist fading and cracking. This is very important for patio furniture. It will be able to tolerate most of the tough weather conditions. Patio furniture made from resin has the ability to withstand yellowing. As much as you expose it to the sun, it will retain its original color. Resin is able to expand and contract with the weather. This makes it adaptable to most of the weather conditions. It is good for both hot and cold weathers.

Resin Wicker vs Molded Resin Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is very sensitive. The fact that the furniture will be outside all the time makes it exposed to bad weather conditions. This means you should go for the best material. There are two different types of resin furniture. You can opt for the molded resin or resin wicker. They serve the same purpose. What brings the difference is the appearance. Molded resin patio furniture is able to bring a more relaxed look. It provides a smooth and sleek surface. With its white color, it will be easy to get good furniture using this material. It is a very comfortable material. Chairs that have been made using this material are comfortable. You do not have to include a cushion in order to achieve the comfort you desire. For a more formal look, it is good to go for patio furniture that is made from wicker resin. It comes in vivid brown colors. It is one of the ways of coming up with attractive seats for your patio.

Patio furniture made from resin has many benefits over those that are made from other wooden materials. It is a good way of coming up with furniture that is appealing to the eyes. Indeed, resin is what you need in order to come up with strong and sturdy furniture. You no longer have to put up with flimsy and cheaper patio furniture that last for a short time. Good furniture should b in a position to withstand all manner of abuses. Patio furniture made from resin is what you need to change your living space.